Collaboration |  Paddle Against Depression

Initiative taker |  Thijs van Holthuijsen

 |  Martijn van Monsjou
Production | Martijn van Monsjou
Camera | Marco Vet, Martijn van Monsjou, Maikel Hurts, Jonathan van Warmerdam, Tobias Buijs, Matthijs Westerveld, Sander Sassen
Edit | Martijn van Monsjou, Marco Vet

Special thanks to all the 736 donators for backing the project.

Partners | 113 zelfmoordpreventie, Stichting Open Mind, @Ease, BNN VARA, Plastic Whale, Roger Radios, Event Engineers, GGZ Noord-Holland, Stichting MIND, Club HUG, Youth Impact, IMC, Stichting Alles Goed.

Paddle against depression

Our good friend Thijs van Holthuijsen paddled 42 kilometres (a whole marathon!) within 7 hours on his prone board around Amsterdam. Together with Thijs we set up this event to raise awareness for depression.

We documented the whole process: the months of training, the organising of the event, a fundraisier and of course the paddle tour itself.

Combining this footage with interviews with and experts by experience , we produced a documentary about one of the most severe mental diseases of our time.

Our goal is to make mental struggles in any kind of form easier to talk about.

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